Valentine Fine 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Where: In comfort of your own home                               
  • When: Starts February 3rd - 24th
  • Who: ANYONE who is looking to feel better, drop lbs and lean out! Get your body back on track

Top 4 Winners of their total weight loss % lost will receive cash payout! WIN up to $550!!!


  • 1. $15 is collected from all participants-which 100% gets paid back out in prize money @ the end for winners*
    Entry fee will be collected during the registration.  
    *THE CHALLENGE STARTS ON Feb 3rd HOWEVER CHALLENGERS MAY REGISTER UNTIL Wednesday, Feb 5th @ 9 PM CST with the acknowledgment that they have less days if they register between the 4th and the 5th.
  • 2. The word of the day that you must include in your starting video will be given out on the Kick-off Zoom Call on February 2nd @ 8 PM CST. Download Zoom App to access the Zoom Call; Meeting ID: 460 389 3967
    Video requirements: 
    • Weigh on the same scale for the starting and ending video 
    • Weigh in bare feet or if shoes are necessary the same pair of shoes for both videos 
    • Weigh in form fitting clothes so your weight change is clearly seen 
    • Clearly say your first and last name and the code word with the camera on you and continue the recording as your feet are stepping on the scale. 
    • Scale must be on a hard surface, not carpet 
    • Video needs to clearly show scale at zero, you stepping on it and your weight. It’s ideal to also verbally state your weight. 
    •Video submissions must be received by your coach via Telegram by February 5th @ 9 PM CST No Exceptions
  • 3. Each participant must download the Telegram App which will be for challenge support and information. Your coach will add you to the chat once you download the Telegram App.
  • 4. The finishing word of the day that you must include in your finishing video will be given out February 23th @ 9 PM CST on the Get Results Telegram Chat. You will repeat the steps from the Starting Video and submit to your coach via Telegram*.
    *MUST BE SENT TO YOUR COACH BY February 25th @ 9 AM CST, No Exceptions
  • 5. To win, participants must be present on the Challenge Finale Zoom on February 27th at 8:00pm CST on Zoom App Meeting ID: 460 389 3967. No Exceptions.
  • 6. Participants must use at least $60 worth of Herbalife products. 
  • 7. Any rules not followed will lead to voided contestant

    * Entry fee is non-refundable & the Stripe fee will be deducted from the Prize Pot Money.


What You Get

24 Hour Support 
Daily Workouts
Healthy Recipes
Personalized Nutrition Plan
Chance to Win $$